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In the Google Maps app,

 you should see a small compass symbol visible in the top-right corner, below the button for changing the map terrain and style. If the compass isn't currently visible, use two of your fingers to move the map view around to display it. 

So why are you delaying? Go download Google Maps from Play Store right now. And first search your location on Google Map. After that you see the scene when there will be surrounding.

If you are not getting to know the directions of East West North and South. So there in Google you will find a compass which will tell you in which direction you are. And are absolutely right. The direction you want to go. You can go in that direction by looking at that compass.

Now we are saying that there are many such people. Those who don't believe in compass. So we want to tell them. That's what a compass is. Magnetic field is given inside it.

Through which the compass needles are on the north and south side only. So, thanks to this, you can easily see your direction for absolutely free.

And you can understand in which direction you have to go and which direction you should not go. So you must have understood how compass works.

Now we will know that how we can know from the compass that by staying at a place, which is the direction at that place.

For this, first of all, you have to open any one application which is compass in your mobile.

As soon as you open that application. Immediately you will find there compass needle or start working according to your place.

 And here it stops by going towards the north and south directions, under that you can understand which is your direction.


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